The Route and Gigs

Essentially I’m cycling from Petersfield to Reading.

“That’s not very far!” I hear you cry, and you’d be right, but I’m going via gigs in Southampton, Bristol, Oxford, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Cambridge, London, and Brighton.

Its approx 720 miles in ten days by pushbike. Although I hope there’ll not be too much pushing involved.

Or rain for that matter, although given that I’m starting on the 23rd of Feb, the chance of incliment weather is probably high.

Waterproofs not optional.

I’ll be performing some of my own brand of poetry at each gig, alongside other local poets and hopefully some headliners or two.

The full itinerary is as follows, more details on each of the gig pages.

Sun 22nd Feb Gig: Southampton. Miles cycled: 20

Mon 23rd Feb  Gig: Bristol. Miles cycled: 82

Tue 24th Feb Gig: Oxford. Miles cycled: 72

Wed 25th Feb Gig: Birmingham. Miles cycled: 80

Thur 26th Feb Gig: Manchester. Miles cycled: 91

Fri 27th Feb Gig: Nottingham. Miles cycled: 85

Sat 28th Feb Gig: Cambridge. Miles cycled: 102

Sun 1st Mar Gig: London. Miles cycled: 65

Mon 2nd Mar Gig: Brighton. Miles cycled: 60

Tue 3rd Mar Gig: Reading. Miles cycled: 75

Total miles: 732. Give or take my exact route.



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