Cambridge Charity – Centre 33

I’m really pleased to announce Centre 33 as the Cambridge charity for the tour.

centre33They are a youth counselling, support and advice service, offering someone to talk to, housing and sexual health advice, and help for young carers. In short, they’re exactly the sort of charity that Lizzie would have supported.



Every journey has an end.

Having had the first venue for the tour sorted for a while now, (Southampton, 22nd Feb, The Art House Cafe, in case you need reminding) without a gig to end it all I was in danger of cycling off into the sunset and never stopping.

Alright, admittedly some days that’s tempting, but a tour has to have its climax, and so I’m pleased to be able to announce the final gig on the Good to Talk Tour will be on the 3rd of March at the Global Cafe in Reading.

For those who haven’t been, it’s a lovely, friendly independent cafe/bar run to raise money for RISC, a Reading charity that aims to educate people (particularly in schools) on issues of global importance such as┬ásustainability, human rights and social justice. It also does a mean cup of tea, awesome beer, and wonderful ethiopian food. Why not pop in before the gig and get some delicious nosh before you get some delicious words for pudding.

The poetry will start at 9pm. Thanks to Gulliver for sorting it out and thank you to RISC for letting me finish my tour in the place I first began reading words at people.

I’e just realised that the Global Cafe was probably the last place I shared a beer, or three, with Lizzie. So, I’m glad I’ll be raising another one there in her honour.

See you there I hope.

The Brighton Charity

Well it’s been a while since I updated here, so it’s about time I dropped some news on you. I’m pleased to say in Brighton the gig will be in aid of The Clock Tower Sanctuary. They work to support young homeless people in Brighton, offering: “a friendly safe space, food and drink, access to computers and the internet, signposting to housing, health, education, employment and social services – as well as practical and emotional support to help young people get their lives back on track.”

They sound like just the sort of charity Lizzie would have loved, so I’m delighted to be supporting them.