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It’s the modern way apparently. So, here’s some links to all the facebook pages for the gigs… so far at least, I’ll update the last couple when I have more info.











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A month to go!

So, in a months time I’ll be setting off from home and hitting Southampton for the first gig. It promises to be a great night, with some ace local poets supporting me.

There’s still a hugemongous amount of work to be done before then, both in terms of organisation, and also now making sure I get on my bike regularly to try and get fit enough.

A month ago I was feeling distinctly unhealthy, being unable to get out on my bike, and then feeling rubbish when I did. Since then I’ve managed to get some miles under my belt and I’m feeling a bit more confident about my fitness.

I’ve been forcing myself to head out even when the weather’s not been great, just to get used to cycling in the sort of conditions that I might face on the tour itself. This week I did 42 miles on Tue, and then made myself take my tired legs out again the next day to do 47 miles. I’m pleased to say that not only did I enjoy myself (mostly),  I also felt better the day after the 47 than I had the day before, despite my legs having had two days work in them. Hopefully this bodes well for the day after day torture they’ll be getting in a months time!

Admittedly thats still only a bit more than half the miles I’ll be averaging on the tour.


So yeah, still lots to organise, finalise and stress about before the big day arrives, but we’re getting there.

If you’d like to sponsor me, and support the fantastic charities that my friend Lizzie worked so tirelessly for, please click the link below. All donations are massively appreciated.


It’s the final countdown…

Nottingham News

Hello, the tour, or as I tend to think of it at the moment, THE TOUR! is rapidly approaching, so I’m glad to be able to announce some more news. We’re getting there, not there yet but we’re getting there!

So, in Nottingham on the 27th of Feb, I’m delighted to say I’ll be taking part in the Mouthy Poets, Say Sum Thin 8 show.

The facebook event is here!

Massive thanks to the Mouthy Poets, it’s a real privilege to be able to take part in what is their biggest show of the year!

I can therefore also happily announce that on the night I’ll be supporting Harmless, a Nottingham based charity offering support for those who self harm. A very worthy cause indeed. Do come along if you’re in the area, and spread the word!