Oh I do like to be…

After my late night last night, it was sadly another disturbed sleep and early morning (6.30). I had to fix the puncture in my now spare inner tube, do all the usual stuffing of my face and get down to the bike shop for 8am when it opened.

Thanks to the lovely folks at the London Fields bike shop, I was in and out before you can say “Please Sir, sort out my bike cos it’s proper buggered.”  They were so quick in fact I almost double checked that they had replaced the cable.

So freshly geared I headed out into rush hour central London traffic, what a blast! I loved it. Because I was in no rush whatsoever, I could just enjoy the madness going on around me. Cycling past the Gerkin and other huge buildings in that area was a particular highlight.


IMGP0054Some bridge thing

Eventually though all the stop start got frustrating, progress was very slow and didn’t get much better as  I hit the quieter roads. A combination of hills (damn Surrey is hilly!), the ever present wind, and my own increasing tiredness all took their toll on my speed, and mood.

I’d run out of Ibuprofen, and my knees have been getting worse over the past few days, the constant grinding into headwind hasn’t been kind.

And then I still had the looming bulk of Dtichling Beacon to face before I could get into Brighton. It’s odd, the road seems to be running directly up the hill until the last moment when it begins to slowly wind it’s way up.

Thankfully, and surprisingly, it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. I didn’t rush (like I had a choice) but just slowly pushed my way up, pacing myself all the way.

Once up the top the view, and the wind were breathtaking, and I had a very smug and relieved grin on my face!

IMGP0056View from the top

So now I’m in Brighton, sat in the venue for tonight, The Blue Man cafe/bar which is beautiful. I can’t wait to perform, I think we’re going to have a good night.

Before I go, a massive thanks to all involved last night, and here’s the obligatory selfie with my hosts, trouble is, they weren’t there, so I had to improvise:

IMGP0052Me looking particularly good this morning, with Katie and Luke.

I’ve just seen the total raised on Just giving has shot up over £1000! Woop! Well done all! Join the fun below if you’ve not yet! 🙂

I nearly forgot STATS! Yesterday was 67 miles in total, and it’s the same for today. Both of which were slow days, about 10.5 mph average. Rubbish! I’ll be well over the 700 mile marker by the time I’m done tomorrow.

It’s looking like we’ve packed out the cafe for tomorrow night, 40 people have booked seats for food beforehand, which means we’ll probably be performing at the front of the cafe. It’s a good to talk takeover.

So, last gig and last sleep before home. I’m not looking forward to the ride in (HEADWIND!) but I’m sure I’ll be grinning all the way.

That’s tomorrow though, for tonight, bring on Brighton!



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