Hello, so it’s 20 past midnight, I should be asleep but I’m a bit wired. A great night was had in London, supporting the Bereavement Service. We got a good turn out, hopefully we’ve raised a lotta money, and the poetry from the open mikers was fab. The feature acts Amy and Rob were every bit as awesome as I hoped they’d be, and thanks to Steve for some quality hosting.

But gremins…

After my very chilled out post earlier (and my bath) I got ready to go out, just as the storm rolled in and thunder cracked over london.

Ominous signs you might think.

So I got my waterproofs on, got downstairs with my bike, cycled off and realised I had a puncture. Bugger. Despite my best efforts I rode through a lot of broken glass yesterday so I’m not surprised.

Good job I had my spare inner tube with me! (And I’ve just realised I still need to repair the original inner tube)

20 mins or less later I was ready to roll. Albeit with a less pumped up tire than I would like, there’s no way I can fully inflate my tyre with my lil pump. But it’s good enough for now.

I get to the venue and discover the bar staff have no idea the event is taking place, and that the room isn’t ready and the PA system isn’t set up. Grrrrr! Stress! Not surprising either considering my dealings with the venue in the run up.

Anyway, we sort that, start a little later than planned but the staff members on duty did a grand job of looking after us.

Good gig, as mentioned above.

Decide to stay for a drink with friends afterward, chat until we’re kicked out. I need a piss but decide to wait until I get back to the flat.

I mentioned in a previous post that my gear change was getting a little shonky. Well, I should have read the signs more clearly. I thought it was just needing adjustment, but changing down gears as I approached a set of lights – it didn’t change down gears.


I think, without further investigation, that I’ve snapped the gear cable, the shonkiness of the gear change was probably a sign of it fraying.

So, I still have the front gears I can change but I’m stuck in a high gear at the back. This means I either need to get it repaired in the morning, or I’m cycling to Brighton with only 3 gears, with two of those being decidedly high for anything other than high speed – and there are a lot of hills between here and Brighton. I don’t think the latter is particularly feasable, but I’d give it a go if I had to.

No, getting the train is not an option, but thanks for the suggestion!

I’ve found a bike shop a couple of miles away that opens at 8. I’ll take it in and talk nicely to them to see if they can repair it for me there and then, then head off for Brighton a little later than planned.

Now, remember me saying I needed a piss when I left the pub?

I was absolutely desperate by the time I got back to the flat. I pushed my bike up the stairs, then into the lift – doing a little dance of clenching desperation – got up to the right floor and…

The door to the corridoor was locked where it wasn’t before, and I didn’t have the code!!

Absolutely desperate now I tried to phone my friend, but no answer.

I had to run downstairs, go outside, do a shameful (and absolutely on the ragged edge of pissing myself) wee in the first dark corner I could find then figure out what to do. It was approaching midnight, so I didn’t want to phone my friend’s neighbours but I had no choice. Thankfully she was lovely and gave me the code with no complaints.

Phew, so that was my night. How was yours?

So yeah, I’ve got to hope I can get my bike fixed in the morning otherwise I’m going nowhere.

It wouldn’t be fun if it was easy though right?

Good night!



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