Gig totals

The tour admin is finally winding down, although the just giving page total is still slowly winding up its total. If you haven’t donated and want to join the party there’s still time! Thanks to all who’ve been so generous so far.

badge9The one thing that is now set in stone is the amount we raised from all the gigs around the country. And here are the details:

Southampton. No Limits: £140

Bristol. Womankind: £150

Oxford. Seesaw: £193.09

Birmingham. Open Door: £80

Manchester. MASCS: £115

Nottingham. Harmless: £115.19

Cambridge. Centre 33: £108.80

London. CCIW Bereavement Counselling: £290

Brighton. Clock Tower Sanctuary: £140

Reading: No5 and Launchpad: £374

Which means that across the country we’ve raised £1706.08 using the power of poetry! I’m really, really chuffed with that.

And that doesn’t include the JustGiving total – more info on that soon…


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