Local Charity Supported: Womankind


Date Mon 23rd Feb 2015

Time 8pm

Venue The Arts House

The arts house108A Stokes Croft, Bristol, City of Bristol BS1 3RU

We’ll be downstairs in this lovely looking arty cafe – my favourite kind! Can’t wait!

Line up:

Hosting the evening and speaking some lovely words at us will be the fabulous Jenn Hart! She is a DIY poet, feminist and a self-proclaimed wizard, insisting that she was home-schooled by Professor Woot, a talking owl. She is the current Ejector Seat slam champion and her first collection ‘Scraped Knees and Sob Stories’ was released as a zine in 2014. Jenn gets by on pure energy, which she brings to the mic as an excellent host who will dance upon request.

We’ll also have Stef Mo! Soon to be published by Burning Eye Books, he’s the performing poetry version of writer Stefan Mohamed, like when you get Batman action figures in special situation-specific armour, like Underwater Ambush Batman or Parisian Subterfuge Batman. Except with words. He saws bits off poetry, hip-hop and stand-up comedy and glues them together to make ungainly hybrids fueled by an unstable cocktail of whimsy and rage. He is based in Bristol and has been described as “a genuine Camus-Beat Shatner” and “not suitable for a family audience”.

And there’ll be Me! First Time Dave, AKA Dave Allen, AKA that crazy cycling poet!

We’ll also have Open mike! Who know’s who might arrive! Come and speak some words! Sign up on the night, first come first served.

Its already set to be a stonking evening, but there’s more to be announced! Watch this space.




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